Hovhannes Grigoryan was born in 1945 in Gyumri. He started writing quite early and was first published during his childhood years. He authored the following books: “Songs without melody”(1975), “Quite Another Autumn”(1979), “Rain in a sad occasion”(1982), “Unhurried Hours”(1986), “Angels from childhood sky”(1992), “Half time”(2002), “Equinox”(2006), “Never Die – This is What I Have to Say”(2011).
He published his first fiction (“Maestro”) in 2004. The collection of his essays and articles (“The day of open doors in the Mher’s cave”) was published in 2008. He translated several works from Spanish, namely: “The Death of Artemio Cruz” by Carlos Fuentes (1979), «The Winners» by Julio Cortázar (1983), «Philosophy of Culture» by Jose Ortega-Y-Gasset (1999), «La Celestina» by Fernando de Rojas (2007).

Hovhannes Grigoryan’s poetry has been translated into several languages. His poems were published as separated books in Russia (, 1985), in France (, 2007), in Iran (“Quite Another Autumn”, 2009).

He is a laureate of several prizes. In 1998 he has awarded a RA State Prize of Movses Khorenatsi’s medal. In 2011 he received AR state prize in the sphere of literature and publicist for his book “Never Die – This is What I Have to Say”.

Hovhannes Grigoryan died on February 7th, 2013.